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  Tariq Bahoussain   04.07.2013, 18:44  

  This site could be helpful.  
  laura loretta  17.01.2013, 15:22  

  hi i just wanted to say i really love this site!! great offers!  
  mark hargan  23.01.2012, 21:25  

  good site hope if find a good house for rent
  bsf  23.08.2010, 12:42  

  dave  13.04.2010, 17:51  

  Rooms In Leeds  06.02.2010, 15:57  

  Great Site, I will link you from our resources on <a href= WEB-ADDRESS DELETED!>Rooms In Leeds</a>  
  Andrej  16.09.2009, 23:31  

  I Like this site!Thanks!  
  bydoktor  26.08.2008, 00:55  

  I like This site! Thanks!

  pete  20.02.2008, 14:19  

  like it  
  pete  20.02.2008, 14:18  

  nice site  
  kiran  28.01.2008, 02:41  

  very user friendly site :-)  
  venessa  08.01.2008, 15:25  

  This iste is Real....I love the Site but I stiil NEED a FLATMATE  
  Starflats Support  04.04.2007, 12:47  

We could not find a disfunction in our mailing system.
In some cases the spam protection can be the reason for mails being transferred to the spam folder.
Please check your Spam-Folder for mails from and unmark them as spam.  
  kim  03.04.2007, 16:45  

  Great site, looks like there are also some great flatmates to be had! If ever I need a flatmate I will definately look at this site first.  
  ryan  13.03.2007, 16:29  

  lovely site.keep it real  
  LENARD  25.02.2007, 14:25  

  Wow!Nice site!  
  Faisal  20.02.2007, 15:36  

  Hey, thanks for letting us look for flats and flatmates. The problem is i\'m not receiveing any mails, when i send a message to renters and want a copy of it. To make it a bit easier, can you please make enable log in and then send request.

You did an awesome job, the site is completely free. thats a lot man.  
  mark  06.01.2007, 18:51  

  Hello starflats
You have a great website and free as well .
can i make a sugestion . Could you put a referance on everyones advert . That way when you mail a person. Who is looking for a room . you can give them your advert referance number . Then they could go straight to your advert page and read all the information and see the pictures . Rather than sending them a long email with all your details. You have such a great page to show people . Lets take them to it . Thanks again Mark  
  mini me  13.11.2006, 23:20  

  nice site. will be usefull for my secret plan:

try and take over the world!
  dekan  11.10.2006, 12:20  

  honestly, its such a awesome experience to have a closer look at this site, great platform!
wow i`m stunning!

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